About our Bali Batiks

Straight from the Island of the Gods.

4 Styles, 4 Colorways. Each pattern inspired by ocean life. 
Handmade on the island.

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What is Batik?

Batik is an ancient fabric printing process originating from Java Indonesia.
The wax stamp acts as a color separator, protecting the color of the fabric already beneath the wax. Once stamped the fabric is dyed (or dyed again) and then rinsed in a hot bath to melt the wax and reveal a layered design.
In the video below, after the stamping is complete, the fabric will be dyed, leaving the stamped pattern white. The fabric could be dyed again to dye the white pattern another color.

We design our own stamps and use them in combination with a scrunch dye and soda ash to achieve a distinctive look.


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