Shipping and Returns


We use Australia Post's Standard service (with tracking) for all shipments. For International shipments, your package will be delivered to you by your country's post (USPS in the US, Royal Mail in the UK, etc) upon customs release.

Estimated shipping time to international destinations is 6+ days.

If you'd prefer different shipping options, contact us.


* Delivery times are only estimates and may/may not be the actual delivery standard experienced. 

* Estimated delivery time applies only to the major cities/office of mail exchange. Please allow more time for destinations beyond that. 

* Shipments are subject to customs inspection and clearance. Estimated delivery times may not reflect time required to go through your country's process. We provide all information required for a smooth clearance process and usually experience no delay.

* Any delay at the destination countries is beyond the control of our shipment provider (Australia Post). We recommend trying to track your package. This is a free website that tracks parcels handled by most shipping providers. If it has been "delivered to your destination post," your package could still be in customs. Contact your local mail provider for more detailed information.

Return Policy

We have a no-questions-asked cancellation and return policy. If for whatever reason you change your mind prior to shipment, or are unsatisfied with your product upon receipt, return it for a full refund. Refunds must be requested, at most, 45 days after purchase, barring any obvious defect in lasting quality. 

Please contact us if you need to perform a cancellation, return or exchange.