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We love

There are several great brands and organisations popping up dedicated to ocean conservation.  Here are a few that have caught our heart. Check them out!


Started by a couple surfers, these guys offer simple bracelets made of recycled materials, and for every bracelet sold, pledge to pull a pound of garbage from the ocean. Check out one of my favourite videos of their dog retrieving plastic from the sea!

Bye Bye Plastic Bags

Inspired by a class about significant human beings like Nelson Mandela, and Mahatma Ghandi, young girls Melati and Isabel Wijsen started Bye Bye Plastic Bags in their home island of Bali, Indonesia in 2013. It has since become a youth-driven social initiative to influence Balinese residents to say NO to plastic bags and clean up the island.

Cape Clasp

Started by a local ocean activist and Cape Cod resident, Cape Clasp rope bracelets are hand tied using local materials. 15% of profits are donated to non-profits including Cape Cod National Seashore, Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, and Whale and Dolphin Conservation.


These guys do an amazing job using sea plastic to create some very stylish sunnies. Not only that but 10 Euro of each frame purchased goes directly to collect waste from oceans and beaches.